The Blood in Your Veins

I am the dew on your leaves
The dawn on your horizon,
The wind in your hair,
The rainbow of your storm.

I am the right angle to your soul,
The symmetry to your hand,
The parallel of your memories,
The anagram of your earth.

The breath in your lungs,
The salt of your pores,
The pulse of your heart,
The rhythm of your beat.

I am your morning, noon and night,
Your dreams and awakenings,
And when you pass,
I will be your aftermath.

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The Love Symphony

I don’t wish to blow my own trumpet
But I’m sick of playing second fiddle.
Don’t tell me we’re going to play it by ear.
We’re either in tune or we’re not.
Or maybe you just need to change your tune.
I’m not making a song and dance about this!
Do I strike a chord with you or not?
Please, just tell me. I’m ready to face the music.
“I love you!”
Ahh…, that’s music to my ears.

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The Stray Black Dog

It’s been seven years.
Seven years but the pain is still as fresh and raw as if it happened yesterday.
A black dog walks in my shadow.
I like dogs but I can not care for them.
I pat them and instantly want to wash my hands.
This one will not go away no matter what I do.
I throw it a stick. “Go fetch dog!”
But he always comes back.
“Fuck off. Leave me alone. Go home!”
But he barks and smiles with a twinkle in his eyes that says, “I am home”.
He licks at my wounds but they do not heal.
He lays at my feet and I realise he is never going to leave.

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Cut Waste – Pt1 Fridge Audit

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The Table Of Optimism

See that table?
It should only seat six
But I bought an extra two chairs
Thinking optimistically and with great practicality
That in the not too distant future
A blended family would sit , laugh, fight, blend.

Now the table collects dust.
My sons and I take shifts,
Eating dinner in front of the idiot box.
The optimism has gone
But the table remains.

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I Miss You

When the poet laments of unrequited love and unfulfilled opportunity,
When the artist paints a longing heart and yearning breast,
When the writer tells of a broken heart, clumsy speech and misunderstanding,
I think of you and I miss you.

When the band plays an alternate beat that matches our rhythm,
When the road leads me to the path you once travelled,
When the right wing is out of balance with the left wing,
I think of you and I miss you.

For we shared so many loves except the only one that really matters,
So the longing continues. The emptiness won’t subside
I dream of holding your hand and our hearts being entwined.

For the story should have ended with you being mine.
The artist should have painted lovers being kind.
And the poet’s verse should have been sweet and divine
For me share a love of many things except for the one that really matters.

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Welcome Back

Hello Dopamine.
Where have you been?
I’m so glad to be with you again.
Give me a hug.
Embrace me.
I’ve missed you.
I have been searching for you for ages.
Now I’ve found you can we hang out for a while?
Life is so good when you’re around.
You’re so special.
Welcome back!

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Blow the Whistle

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I Am Ready

Oh Cupid, will you not fly by me.
Pierce his heart with your arrow,
So he is besotted with me.
For I can not bear to be alone.

Sprinkle magic dust over thee
So that his eyes twinkle
And his face lights up for me.
How I long for that look.
To know that I am his morning, noon and night.
His dream and his reality.

Make his heart beat fast and eternal.
His kiss be tender and sweet.
His hug be warm and full of longing.
And his eyes see no other.

For I need his love.
I am ready to love.
My heart yearns for his
And it is my time to live.

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The Caged Bird

I want to fly.
For too long
I have been a bird chained to its cage
For too long
I have allowed my wings to be clipped.
For too long
I have been paralysed by fear.

My feather they are heavy
But soft to the touch
Protecting my fragile heart.
Do not pluck them
But be tickled by them
Be tantalised and spellbound.
For they want to embrace love
To be outstretched
But not to smother.

Rather to soar.
To gain full flight
Be taken by the wind
And reach the heavens
Let me zoom, swerve, dive
Feel ecstasy, exhilaration
Let me be limitless
Let me catch the wind!
Let me fly!

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