FGC #11 My Sonnet – The Kiss of Death

Shall I look at thee with daggers belove

Poison thine ale, for thee betrayeth me

Bedded a young wench, no remorse hath thee

How you dishonoured me, mocking my love


Winters they will engulf me, days turn to years

Take back your tarnished ring wear it I never

Tear out my heart broken it is forever

Gouge out my eyes for they have shed enough tears


Wicked witch I shall seek to cast a spell

I shall kiss thee when thou gasps thou last breath

I shall gain solace from the kiss of death

My voice silent no sordid tales I tell


Shrouded in black but the spirit is avenged

For thou shalt triumph in the bitter sweet end.




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4 Responses to FGC #11 My Sonnet – The Kiss of Death

  1. Storm Dweller says:

    Very intense imagery and very well written.

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  3. Annie says:

    incredible how you capture such ferocity with such sweetness.

    I played along as well.. http://annieevett.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/betrayal-births-moirai-fgc-2012-10.html

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