I am a FreeRanger
In my dreams I wear a cape
And fight for FREEDOM.
FREEDOM of expression
FREEDOM of will and love
FREEDOM from violence and exploitation
FREEDOM of association
FREEDOM to be the best version of one’s self.

And in my dreams I am triumphant.
I rescue damsels and dudes in distress
I teach harmony and respect
I defeat evil with no regrets.

I am the drummer on the bandwagon.
In my dreams I chant songs of peace and liberty with my fellow rangers.
And our message will resonate.
For we will be victorious
And we will hear dictators play the violin to their unjust cause.

I am a human cannonball.
In my dreams I am loaded ready to knock down the walls of injustice, lies and deception
I will break the glass ceiling
I will look up to the stars in the heavens
And I will soar.
I will soar high with my fellow rangers – equal, happy and free.

When I awaken from my dream I will collect my free-range eggs
I will drink fair trade coffee
I will digest the news for the Freedom Informant Network
I will speak up for the meek, repressed, tortured and hungry.
I will speak out against evil.
For I am free of political affiliation and indoctrination
For I am a FreeRanger.
Hear me ROAR!

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