What’s in a Name?

                                                                What’s in a Name?


I once knew an “Ocean” full of torrents,

Brutal Bruce that was absolutely abhorrent,

A “Honey” flying high with the bees,

And Mary who was always on her knees,

“Gail” changed her name to “Breeze”,

And “Dawn”, dark eyed from not enough zzzs

Teddy was oh so huggable,

And Lucy known to be extremely gullible.

Then there was Mu’Tazz, a name I surely miss,

Romantic, strong and sheer bliss.

Stella, well she was just a screamer,

And Amina would better suit my demeanour.


“What’s in a name?” you say.

It will stay with your child for many a day,

So choose with great contemplation,

Especially if you want your child to rule this nation!


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