It divides the world

And says my beliefs are superior to yours.

Catholics against Protestants,

Christians against Muslims,

Muslims against Jews.

Sunni against Shiite,

Extremist against Evangelist,

Where is Allah? Where is God?

Do we not believe in the one Lord.


What Happened to “Thou shalt love thy neighbour”?

Is it not easier to hate than to love?

Can we not extend a hand to a veiled woman?

She is a mother, a sister, a daughter.

Is it easier to kill, to torture or abuse that to

Try to understand and accept?

We are quick to judge.

They are infidels.

She is a whore.

He is a poof.

We judge what is not ours to judge.

For only God should judge these things.


I will live by the Ten Commandments,

But I will not follow your religion.

I will not persecute Muslims,

I will not bash gays,

I will not spit on a harlot.


But instead I will break bread with them all,

Share laughter, smiles and hugs.

For I will look into their hearts

And see that they are not that different from me.

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2 Responses to Religion

  1. I just ticked ‘like’ and realised that I really, really like this. Just wanted to say. 😉

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