No More Brazilians

No More Brazilians

Cast aside like so many others

I reinvented myself

I coloured my hair, painted my lips, dyed my skin, wore slinky slips

Lost a few pounds from my child-bearing hips.


“I know what men want “says my Pilipino friend

As a stranger buys her a drink.

“Do what I say and a man will be yours”

As she parades her 109th pair of shoes and new Christian Dior dress.


I follow her lead but he is not for me

Flashy suit, fat pockets, a one dimensional mind, slow wit

He bores me to bits.

Give me another drink so I can imagine an erotic,,,



My soul is worth more than this

So in Cinderella style I make a great escape

And in the morning I cut my hair,

Cancel the Brazilian; clean out my wardrobe, unfriend the materialistic

And begin my new life!

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