The Christian that shops on Sundays
The priest that touches boys
The policeman that drink drives and takes bribes
The athlete that does drugs
The conservationist that cuts down exotic trees
The environmentalist that drives a car
The black activist that hates whites
The soldier that rapes the innocent
The politician unable to speak the truth
The mother that swears
The father that smokes
The journalist that tells half truths
The teacher that patronises
The doctor who protects the butcher
The lawyer that defends the serial killer
The absent offspring who visits his dying parent
The charity worker who loathes the underclass
The wife who wishes her husband dead
The husband that sleeps around
The friend that ignores the bruises

Don’t preach to me you righteous –


Spare me your sermons for
Actions speak louder than words.

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3 Responses to Hyprocrites

  1. Love this; and thanks for the comment the other day. Thatcher is a very dangerous subject at the moment 😉

    • Great to read your post – they are always very informative and thought provoking! I must say although I think Thatcher was a terrible person as were her policies, “The Witch is Dead” doesn’t sit well with me. As a feminist, I think its sexist to call women “witches” and its not productive. Unfortunately Australia is likely to head in a very conservative direction at the next election – very scary! Your voting warning is also valid here.

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