Are you a thorn or a rose?
I am curious.
How do I classify you into my boxes?
Enigma .
You raise more questions than answers.
What is your objective, your motivation,
Your love, your need?
You are such a skilled individual.
Rebellious geek or
Manipulative control freak?
Protect your sources Julian.
Don’t’ let them be lambs to the slaughter.
Can I trust you?
Can I respect you?
Should I honour you?
How do I understand you?
Are you a watchdog,
A glitch in the system,
A fire no wall can extinguish?
Do you burn or bring renewed life?
Should I fear you Julian
Or welcome you with open arms?
Protect you or expose you?
Will you be locked away like Mandela?
Enemy of the State, Voice of the people.
Will the world ever really know you Julian?
Will you ever be free?

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