The Black Eye

The Black Eye
My black eye has a life of its own
People notice me.
Strangers ask me questions.
What should I tell them?
I walked into a door knob.
I belong to a fight club.
You should see the other guy.
Mind your own bees’ wax!
Or do I tell them the truth.
I was assaulted without provocation.
I stood my ground.
I did not retaliate.
The coward ran away.
I tried to be strong.
I try to forget about it.
But people like you just can’t leave it alone.
People like you have to gossip and dig.
People like you, punch people like me!
People like you watch people like me,
Being punched by people like you.
I must be strong.
I tilt my head.
And I get on with my day.
I try to ignore your smirks,
Your rude jokes and your attempts at funny creaks.
Until I once again become an unnoticeable stranger.
That disappears into the crowd.

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