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Dot To Dot

My life is a dot to dot picture Every dot a significant soul, A critical defining moment. They inspired me, loved me, hurt me, Hurtling me on to the next dot. I learn, I grow, I evolve. A prewritten etching … Continue reading

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Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Rain, rain go away. Come again another day. I am a girl of the sun. All this rain makes me glum. In need of sugar so I’ll bake. Stay away from the scales – for God’s sake If it doesn’t … Continue reading

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The Rebel Within

I have a rebel inside me. It won’t be pacified. It won’t be quiet. It punches at my heart, Sends dragons to my stomach And roars out my mouth. It fights the good fight, Never letting me lie down. Never … Continue reading

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Silence and Darkness

I long for silence and darkness. No more noisy trains, revving cars, blaring radios And bias TV rubbish. No more trivial talk about the weather And exchanging pleasantries With people that give me no pleasure. I just want silence. Not … Continue reading

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Watching the Clock

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