Silence and Darkness

I long for silence and darkness.

No more noisy trains, revving cars, blaring radios

And bias TV rubbish.

No more trivial talk about the weather

And exchanging pleasantries

With people that give me no pleasure.

I just want silence.

Not a peep, not a twitter, not a beep,

No screeches, no sighs, no huffs or puffs.

Just silence.


No dazzling lights, blinding flashes,

Neon explicits, directing arrows,

Misdirecting arrows

Overloading my dilated pupils,

I just want darkness.

I want to see the stars and the moon

Without distraction and without sound.

And realise that I am but a little speck

In this mad, over- stimulated, overwhelming,

Over-exploited world

Relieve my senses

And let me appreciate all its wonders.

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