Dot To Dot

My life is a dot to dot picture
Every dot a significant soul,
A critical defining moment.
They inspired me, loved me, hurt me,
Hurtling me on to the next dot.
I learn, I grow, I evolve.

A prewritten etching of my destiny
A picture of me
I long to join all the dots
To be whole, content, free
To be me.

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Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Rain, rain go away.

Come again another day.

I am a girl of the sun.

All this rain makes me glum.

In need of sugar so I’ll bake.

Stay away from the scales – for God’s sake

If it doesn’t stop I’ll build an ark

I wish this boredom would inspire

A creative spark.

I’m going mad, I’m going crazy.

So fed up I just feel lazy.

The weed are growing, the lawn knee high.

Come on God give me clear blue sky.

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The Rebel Within

I have a rebel inside me.
It won’t be pacified.
It won’t be quiet.

It punches at my heart,
Sends dragons to my stomach
And roars out my mouth.

It fights the good fight,
Never letting me lie down.
Never relenting

Say “NO” to sexism.
Say “NO” to racism
Say “No” to violence and exploitation – It roars.

It prods me until I stand up.
It whispers in my head.
It grapples with my conscience.

It will not be silenced.
It will not die.
It will not let me walk the easy road.

But instead it makes me march.
It makes me shout.
It makes me fight the good fight.

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Silence and Darkness

I long for silence and darkness.

No more noisy trains, revving cars, blaring radios

And bias TV rubbish.

No more trivial talk about the weather

And exchanging pleasantries

With people that give me no pleasure.

I just want silence.

Not a peep, not a twitter, not a beep,

No screeches, no sighs, no huffs or puffs.

Just silence.


No dazzling lights, blinding flashes,

Neon explicits, directing arrows,

Misdirecting arrows

Overloading my dilated pupils,

I just want darkness.

I want to see the stars and the moon

Without distraction and without sound.

And realise that I am but a little speck

In this mad, over- stimulated, overwhelming,

Over-exploited world

Relieve my senses

And let me appreciate all its wonders.

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Watching the Clock

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Thomas Edison

They say if you fall off a horse
You should get straight back on.
But how many times should you mount a bucking horse.
How many times should you face rejection
Before you give up.
Thomas Edison would tell me to try, try again.
There are no failures – only stepping stones.
Maybe this time I will succeed.
But it is hard to dip my toes into a torrent
Maybe this time I will swim to the horizon
Instead of getting caught in the rip.

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Finding My Tribe

Velvet moments
Satin touches
Glistening stars
Welcoming lips
Lead me to where it is warm.

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What the World Needs Now

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The Customer with the Black Eye

The Customer with the Black Eye
She came to my store because the prices were cheap
She had a telephone bill she was struggling to pay.
He looked like he could be mean.
She looked like she could be scared.
I gave her something cheaper.
She had children to feed.
What else could I do?
Just another customer from a house of problems.
Branded with his shame for everyone to see.

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The Black Eye

The Black Eye
My black eye has a life of its own
People notice me.
Strangers ask me questions.
What should I tell them?
I walked into a door knob.
I belong to a fight club.
You should see the other guy.
Mind your own bees’ wax!
Or do I tell them the truth.
I was assaulted without provocation.
I stood my ground.
I did not retaliate.
The coward ran away.
I tried to be strong.
I try to forget about it.
But people like you just can’t leave it alone.
People like you have to gossip and dig.
People like you, punch people like me!
People like you watch people like me,
Being punched by people like you.
I must be strong.
I tilt my head.
And I get on with my day.
I try to ignore your smirks,
Your rude jokes and your attempts at funny creaks.
Until I once again become an unnoticeable stranger.
That disappears into the crowd.

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